The New 2000 Rs currency Note is the most experimented and discussed scientific asset in India right now. Mind you, Wannabe real time scientists are having gala time experimenting on it. 2000 Rs currency Note must be cursing its stars as people are doing weirdest things. Now A viral video is out, this video tries to prove that new 2000 rupee note has GPS chip hidden. We have no idea if this video a Hoax story or Legitimate one.

First a Water test

New 2000 Rs Note Sustains Water Test: Check This Viral Video


Then Radioactive Ink Theory

Radioactive ink theory with New 2000,500 Rs Currency Notes


Now someone has cut across 2000 Rs currency Note to Prove that it indeed have a Chip installed in It.



Disclaimer- We are strongly against destroying your currency Note, please don’t indulge in these practices. Be safe and keep your Notes Safe. 

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