elsadelplace2“A mother died while shielding her five-year-old son from Bullets-A Five-year-old boy survived the massacre in Paris’s Bataclan theatre after he was sheltered from the bullets by the body of his dead mother.

Louis had been attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert with his mother Elsa Delplace, 35, and his grandmother Patricia San Martin, 61, when it was attacked by terrorist gunmen.

Ms Delplace and Ms San Martin were both shot dead as they tried to protect him – leaving him covered in blood.”

Is this a Jehad? How can one be so cruel?

How would have these terrorist justify their Actions?

I simply can’t understand.

Humanity is under threat and It’s High time that everyone from all caste,creed,religion shall come forward and oppose these dangerous dirty sick animals.

Paris attacks: Mother died using her body to shield her five-year-old son from bullets