Divyansh - A Mother's Cry, will Divyansh Get Justice?

Divyansh’s Mother wrote a Heart-Wrenching Poem for Son – I had to stop and feel for a mother’s loss after each line, even you will be forced to do so! Very unfortunate incident and a mother had to suffer, we must not accept this, these so called International Private Black marketeers have made the child education so damn hard, and While charging exorbitant amount, they hardly care for well being of children, it is evident from unfortunate and tragic death of Divyansh.

You know, for admission they take interviews of Child as well as parents, i do wonder who is taking interviews of these child killers.

But a honest request to Parents, please don’t get lost in net of these fashionable schools, try to find a honest and humble school for your child, take ourselves for example we studied in moderate schools and we turned out right i guess, you will agree on this.

Divyansh’s Death a Planned Murder? Will the truth come out?- Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, “The observations of the parents are being ignored that the private parts of the child had cotton on them. The report is indicating towards a heinous crime.