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A Real and eminent Threat – Will We survive with Old Antibiotics!

There are no visible discoveries ,The golden era of antibiotic discovery was in between the 1950s and 1960s, but nothing found since 1987.The last new class of antibiotics to make it to clinic was discovered nearly three decades ago.

Now Look at a Sample epidemic threat(MANY MORE TO COME)

New bacteria-resistant gene has been discovered in China.

It’s been found in people and pigs. It’s been found in the bacteria living among them. Some of these have epidemic potential.

A freakish superbug created on Chinese pig farms may take the world by storm, and there’s not much we can do about it. Scientists now are reporting the emergence of a new method of antibiotic resistance to colistin, one of the last remaining drugs that can still treat most bacterial infections.

In this week’s Lancet, Chinese scientists report the first recorded resistance to colistin in common gut bacteria found in both humans and pigs.

“If it did spread, and we only had the current drugs we have now, it would be a very bad thing,” said Jean Patel, director of Centers for Disease Control’s office of antimicrobial resistance. “These type of bacteria would be very hard to treat.”

The antibiotics that changed the world with their introduction 80 years ago are rapidly becoming ineffective.

Antibiotics should be used wisely and only as directed by your Doctor.We must see the importance of taking antibiotics only when they’re absolutely necessary. Following these guidelines, their life-saving properties will be preserved for your child and generations to come.

In light of growing antibiotic resistance,Battle Between Bacteria And Antibiotics is becoming One sided.Mind you ,it is going to be fight of existence.

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