AAP is on verge of major discovery,a political breakthrough,they may have found a way to fight corruption.

They started implementing their new master plan on non other than Mr Lalu.

Mr Lalu prasad yadav is considered as most fearsome Corrupt politician,his  corruption was of such level that other corrupts were like innocent when compared to Lalu.

AAP alpha male kejriwal hugged lalu so that they will start from root level and will learn ways to deal with corruption by contributing with corrupt.

AAP has learnt that they must mingle with as many corrupts possible and should learn the corrupt’s way.

It is all part of bigger strategy.You can not fight corruption if you are not corrupt.

Now from their past experiences they learnt that if your hands are empty,you are bound to frustrate and indulge in bad ways.(kejriwal never wanted a government bungalow,but now 400%hike)

It has happened with kejriwal ,so to fight this they have increased their salary by 400%.

It is for destruction of corruption.

It is for noble cause.

Social Media must understand the Logic.