Once Known as Starter of Political Revolution against corruption and Vote Bank Politics, Arvind Kejriwal and his Mouthpiece AAP has now become biggest symbol of Dirty Communal and Votebank Politics.  Mr Arvind Kejriwal is now Master of Playing Politics on Dead bodies. Now he is so expert that once he senses a Chance to gain Vote, he will reach there in No Time whether it is Dadri or it is Hydrabad.

And Now to divert the Attention, Paid Media and AAP supporters at social Media is trying to Blame BJP for their mess. May be some elements at social media tried to communalizing the incident but why you are hiding behind in Veil, this is your making. Your dirty Votebank politics is behind the Killing and lynching of Innocent doctor in front of His son.

But why Vikaspuri in Delhi which is only few kilometers away from his home is ignored by Kejriwal and his supporters( Lovingly Known as AAPTards) . So Watch the Video to Know Better.

Dentist in Vikaspuri has been killed after the road rage issue with nearby slum people but Kejriwal is silent on the matter.Why?

Video Source- Zee News