Kejriwal Theatrics

Kejriwal Theatrics

😀  Mind It. Nothing Happens with Great Shri Shri…Kejriwal without a Plan. Our Sources One Mr Pappu 😈  Claimed that It was Mr Arvind Kejriwal‘s Master Plan to promote himself before Punjab elections, He was feeling Left behind, being Not invited to ‘Start Up India’.

So Mr Arvind Kejriwal has meticulously planned to get inked, Last time we have witnessed his cheeks swollen and Blackened after Serial Slap Attacks (Again Mr Pappu  😈 claimed ..Slap Attack was too planned by Mr Kejriwal, But who Knows, May be a CBI inquiry will do wonders here). We all know, the aftereffects, Blame Modi for their Constipation. So Inking is first step toward ‘punjab’, and expect many more creative promotional attacks, may be [bday bumps,Slippers attack,Return of His beloved Hoofing Cough.]

Laliji fast friend of Mr Kejriwala is also known for similar theatrics, but now it seems Mr Kejriwal has left him behind.

Disclaimer- All for Fun, Don’t sue Me

May be Mr Pappu is not alone, whole Twitter seems to know ‘Promotional Tactics of Kejriwal’ see some Tweets