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After Lord Ram, Now Lord Hanuman summoned for court appearance in Bihar

After Lord Ram, Now Summons issued to Lord Hanuman for court appearance in Bihar. Two days back Lord Hanuman was Trending in news for Arvind kejriwal‘s alleged disrespectful cartoon and now for Summons. It seems Only Hindus god can be summoned in court not others.

A lower court issued summons to Lord Hanuman a Hindu Deity for appearance in court in connection with a roadside temple dedicated to him in Rohtas district, basing on complaint of encroachment filed by the Public Works Department. The court’s order was pasted at the temple of Lord Hanuman in Dehri-on-Sone in Rohtas district by district officials.

#KejriwalInsultsHanuman Arvind Kejriwal chased for his Controversial Tweet

This case Vs Lord Hanuman seems to have some valid reasons compared to earlier instance

Not Long Back (1 Feb 2016)- A court in Sitamarhi district of Bihar has got a bizarre case in which the A advocate has sued Lord Ram for renouncing his wife Sita in Holy Ramayana. As reported by News18, a Sitamarhi advocate Thakur Chandan Singh has filed case in a civil court against Lord Ram and his brother Laxman.Read More

In this earlier instance court was in as it was hard to decide, Whom to punish if Lord Ram exiled Sita to forest? (They must had punished the Person who filed the case, for wasting court’s time, when Lakhs of cases in Court are pending for hearing, cases such as these is a Treason)

Anyway Controversies aside i find it as Good Opportunity to Know more about God Hanuman

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