Akshay Kumar's Superb Reply on Pathankot Terror Attacks

Akshay Kumar’s Superb Reply on Pathankot Terror Attacks

Actor Akshay Kumar, Known for Patriotic Content in his movies has condemned the attacks on Indian Air Force Base in Pathankot in strong words. Speaking at a press conference this evening, Akshay Kumar said that looking at these incidents all he wishes to do is kill the terrorists.

His Next Release ‘Airlift‘ is set to release on 22nd January and is a patriotic movie depicting first ever successful Rescue mission in Foreign Lands.

A Must Watch Trailer, Airlift a Patriotic and superb Movie starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur

“It is very unfortunate that so our soldiers die. See I am not a real hero, I am real one. With my movies be it Baby, Gabbar is Back or Holiday, I try my level best to depict what happens in the lives of the families of our soldiers,” Akshay said.

“There is no such formula, except Bhaiiya andar ghus ke maaro (Get inside and execute them). Nothing else,” a furious Akshay said.

Every Indian will agree with his point, time for offensive warfare, Kill them wherever you find.