All Hail PM Modi – Narendra Modi to address US Congress

Yes You heard it right. US House speaker Paul Ryan has invited Indian PM Narendra Modi to address a joint session of the US Congress on June 8. So it is official now that PM will be traveling to Washington D.C on a state visit although the Details of His Visit is yet to be officially announced by the White House or the PMO India.

“The friendship between US and India is a pillar of stability in an important region of the world,” Ryan said. “We look forward to welcoming him to the United States Capitol,”  US House speaker Paul Ryan

This will be Prime Minister Modi’s fourth visit to the US since he assumed office two years ago, but his first State visit. He will also be the fifth Indian PM to address the joint session of Congress, a tradition that dates back to 1824, when Marquis de Lafayette of France spoke in the House chamber.

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