Amidst all national, Intolerance, anti-national talks, JNU Row is getting funnier and muckier. War is being fought on Many Fronts. Twitter is the greatest battlefield of all. Now time for Anupam Kher Vs Rajdeep Sardesai. First let us see why Rajdeep Sardesai is trending everywhere, First for His Post “I am proud to be ‘anti-national” and Now for a Legendary TweetWar that has every right to be a Cult Hit Face-off.

I am proud to be ‘anti-national’, says Rajdeep Sardesai

Some excerpts from Post-

Yes, I am anti-national because I believe in an expanded definition of the right to free speech as spelt out in Article 19 of the Constitution. The only two ‘reasonable restrictions’ are incitement to violence and hate speech.

Yes, I am anti-national because while I am discomfited by the slogan shouting at JNU in support of Parliament terror convict Afzal Guru, I do not see it as an act of sedition. The sketchy video evidence made available shows the ‘students’ (we still don’t know if all of them were, indeed, students) shouting slogans like ‘Bharat kee barbaadi’, and hailing Afzal’s ‘martyrdom’.

Now After his post of self claiming Anti-Nationalist, he thought of poking Mr Anupam Kher with whom he had a History of Infamous war of Tweet(Probably on Intolerance), which he lost in close battle and after many tweets, he was martyred that Day

Background started with him Praising Amitabh Bachchan of Media ‘Arnab Goswamy

Then Real War started with Anupam Kher Tweeting

Don’t Who won the this TweetWar, i guess both are martyred at battlefield,  but twitter has already won “Anupam Kher” is Trending