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How Arnab Goswamy answered trolls and Sagarika Ghose over PM Modi interview

This is  one verbal fight the intellectuals will remember for ages that “How Arnab Goswamy has answered trolls and Sagarika Ghose over his epic PM Modi interview”. He was Under fire and criticized by fellow competing Journalists for his uncharacteristically soft interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So  Times Now editor Arnab Goswami though enough is enough and come out  to reply to critics through an open letter on BusinessWorld.com.⁠⁠⁠⁠

The Duel started with Sagarika ghose tweeting on PM Modi interview by Times Now editor Arnab Goswami

Sagarika ghose tweet on arnab goswamy

This was enough to warm up the fighter club at Twitter from both sides Sympathizers of Arnab and competitors. Hence to clear his position and to hit out at his opposition Arnab came out with a open letter

Excerpts from open letter of Arnab Goswamy on BusinessWorld.com.⁠⁠⁠⁠

For the last ten years, Newshour and Frankly Speaking have defined the news agenda in India. From Lalitgate to CWG, every big news story and expose has broken on the channel. Frankly Speaking has scooped every big interview, from Rahul Gandhi to Mr Modi, and that is because the protagonists and participants know that we attract a far greater viewership than all other channels put together.

For me, working far away from the machinations and intrigue of Lutyens journalism, the collective outrage of Lutyens journalists at the fact that I got the interview is amusing. One of them, a has-been anchor who desperately lobbies for an opportunity to be invited on my Newshour debates, even put out a tweet asking why the prime minister chose to give an interview to me and not hold a press conference. Embarrassed by the angry reactions, she deleted the tweet later. I thought her question was intellectually disjointed. Across the world, the first exclusive interviews are given to anchors and channels who command viewership. Not to those who nobody watches. Period.

Finally, there were some ridiculous questions on my tone. Was I soft? Why didn’t I raise my voice like on Newshour? Why did I keep referring to the Prime Minister as “Mr Prime Minister”? Three answers should silence this industry that obsesses about me. First, I used the same tone with Rahul Gandhi. If this industry is disappointed with how he let them down, its not my problem. Second, Frankly Speaking is an interview and The Newshour is a debate, both are therefore different styles and formats. And finally, “Mr Prime Minister” is the most appropriate reference point when you are speaking to the Prime Minister.

I don’t really need to explain all this. But I have written this down because I want the industry that has nothing to do but write about me to calm down and get composure.

and Now comes Rajdeep Sardesai asked his followers to better ignore him. “Not at all. They and their glorified hero have revealed their mindset. Let them continue,”


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