See the contrast, Arvind Kejriwal busy reviewing Movies, Suresh Prabhu busy providing Wi-Fi! In my Distant Memories, i still hold on one in which Kejriwal promised Free Wi-Fi, and i still hope that Real kejriwal will stand up. But then what if Kejriwal of Now is the Real Kejriwal, a Prompt Movie reviewer and critics, who has only two works left, 1.Advertise Himself and 2. Review the Movies. Can somebody tell him we have people for Movie reviews, they do good job and Now ‘KRK’ a new entry as Movie Critics(Who has similar nautanki quotient as you), you can safely resume your work as Delhi CM.

But then i am forced to do a comparison with a Low-Key , Union Central Railway Minister, Suresh prabhu, who without advertising and chest thumping, is graciously doing his Job. Will Mr ‘Furjiwal’ ever learn from him??