One Crore on Snacks but Arvind Kejriwal has no Power to buy a Pen!!

Now BJP has asked Arvind Kejriwal that rather than behaving as a troll on twitter, should try to fulfill his role as Delhi CM. With three more deaths in last 24 hours, total number of deaths due to Chikuguinia in delhi goes up to 5, but Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his famed cabinet is absent from the Capital even as people suffer and die. This is the Swarajya AAP style. But what is his explanation:-

“CM n min left wid no power now, even to buy a pen. LG n PM enjoy all powers wrt Del. LG abroad. Question them for Del, (sic)” Kejriwal tweeted

This is the height of Shamelessness, especially when Delhi Chief Minister and other ministers’ offices spent Rs one crore on snacks and Rs 526 crore on advertisement.

Don’t be a Cry Baby!!


The capital of the country is reeling under vector-borne diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue and when Kejriwal is asked questions, he takes to Twitter saying that he should not be questioned : Dr. Sambit Patra

Dr. Sambit Patra said, If Mr. Arvind Kejriwal say that you have no role as a chief minister of Delhi so why you are not resigning. Arvind Kejriwal rather than behaving as a troll on twitter should try to fulfill his role as a CM of Delhi.

AAM party CM should use proper language and you should democratically answers the questions rather than calling them dalals and agents – BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra


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