Funny though, How could Arvind Kejriwal and other accused deny making defamatory statements against Arun Jaitley, when they did it on purpose and in a Press Conference. We all are little confused, may be some legal angles and tangles involved. but if my memory serves me right, there is no Going back for Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, not this time. 



We will tell the whole story in synchronized way

1.First Arvind Kejriwal allegedly said  “Jaitley was the DDCA president for many years and I had set up a committee to probe all the corruption that has taken place during his tenure. The committee has submitted its report and a commission of inquiry was to be set up over it, and a file pertaining to it was in my office.”

2.then BJP opened a full frontal Bloody attack on the AAP over the absence of a mention of Jaitley in the report.

“They (AAP) should apologize publicly and go to court in the criminal defamation case and admit to the defamation they have committed,” said BJP spokesperson MJ Akbar.

Another party spokesperson, Shrikant Sharma said “It is their habit to lie, raise allegations and then back down. The people are smart and are fully aware of how the AAP functions,”

3.Arvind Kejriwal, No Mention of Arun Jaitely in his Probe report

“BJP almost begging me for an apology. Sorry. I won’t oblige them. Let Jaitley-ji be cross-examined in defamation cases. Let truth prevail,”

“It didn’t mention anyone’s name and recommended (an) enquiry commission to fix responsibility, which we have done now,”

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

4.Defamation Case against Him

Arvind Kejriwal won’t apologise to Jaitely, Not Ready Now May be Later