Sambit Patra calls Sonia Gandhi – Lashkare-e-Sonia

Congress leader, EX J&K CM, Ex UPA Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has recently compared the Hindu outfit RSS with ISIS during his address at the ‘National Integration Conference’ organized by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind in Delhi. So Zee News was discussing on This Topic  in their special segment “Taal Thok Ke”, and then happened a Big Fight between BJP’s Sambit Patra and Congress’ Premchandra Mishra.

Where discussion were so intense that Sambit Patra called Sonia Gandhi a Agent of ISIS and congress as Laskhare-E-Sonia.

Watch the Video- Credit ZEE NEWS

Watch Speech of PM Narendra Modi at Inauguration of 2016 World Culture Festival

The inauguration of 2016 World Culture Festival by Art of Living in New Delhi is been a Big Success, attended by Many renowned leaders and exceptional entrepreneurial personalities from a diverse range of industries including our PM Narendra Modi. It was truly a divine affair even watching at your TV sets will give you a Sense of Inner Peace and Rejoice.

I want to tell you- keep smiling and face all challenges with courage. So many youngsters have joined us…it is such a beautiful occasion. People from so many countries have gathered to send a message that we are one world family. Sri Sri Ravishankar


PM Narendra Modi’s address at the inauguration of 2016 World Culture Festival by Art of Living in New Delhi


BJP’s Masterstroke in Bengal state polls- Chandra Kumar Bose Vs Mamata Banerjee

Chandra Kumar Bose, the grand nephew of Netaji, Subhas Chandra Bose, will be the BJP candidate against Mamata Banerjee in next upcoming state elections in west bengal. This can be seen as a masterstroke considering he is not projected as Chief-Ministerial candidate but still the Face of BJP in West Bengal. So BJP has found a safe passage to go ahead in elections with full support of Netaji’s Grand Nephew Chandra Kumar Bose.

It is no surprise at all but on expected lines as not long back he himself considered BJP as the only nationalist party in India that has values that Subash chandra Bose had strongly believed in.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose‘s grandson Chandra Kumar Bose has condemned Congress for Involved in systematically erasing Subash Chandra Bose Legacy from History Pages and says if Only BJP has nationalist values that Subash chandra Bose had strongly believed in.

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