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Dengue Fever, Malaria Treatment in Ayurveda- Medicine Details

Dengue is the fastest-growing mosquito-borne viral infection, and its impact today is 30 times greater than 50 years ago.  Dengue Fever -Dengue fever is passed on by a mosquito bit, mostly the Aedes aegypti mosquito (or “tiger mosquito”). When a mosquito carrying dengue fever virus bites a healthy human, the virus travels in the blood stream and then starts multiplying itself in the whole body. Dengue fever is not contagious. There are four types of the dengue virus, and the infection causes a several Visible symptoms, including High fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rash....

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Giloy Ayurvedic Gem- Health Benefits, Medicinal Qualities

Giloy has many health benefits, most prominent ones are these:- It helps in curing infection, so if you get fever frequently drink this and it will not appear again. It boosts immunity It boosts your digestion It help in diabetes to lower blood sugar It is good for skin It is good for asthmatic patients But in these qualities not mentioned is its profound quality in alleviating Viral Fever, so in the case of Dengue it is most important Ayurvedic Medicine....

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Hair Fall,Receding Hair lines,Baldness,Dandruff -‘Onion’ as Ayurvedic Remedy

Onion is known as Phalandu in Sanskrit. Its medicinal properties and physical properties are explained in texts of ayurveda. Ayurveda acharyas have explained the uses of onion in various health conditions and have  classified onions based on their colours.  “Rakta phalandu” (Red coloured onion) and “shweta phalandu” (white coloured onion) are two varieties of onions. Onion juice(From 1 Onion) and 4 drops of Honey mixed together should be applied on Scalp ,30-45 minutes before Bath.Please stay away from Shampoos and other non-Ayurveda Hair oil,while you are using above solution. Give it a week ,you will certainly see the changes....

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Drink Aloe vera Juice everyday, Strengthen your Immunity, An Ayurvedic Gem

Aloe vera Juice is a ayurvedic gem and a tonic for taking care of your whole Body. (It is also known as ‘Ghritkumari Saar’ in Hindi) Botanical Name- Aloe Vera Chinensis, Aloe barbadensis Mill., Aloe indica, Aloe chinensis Family Name- LILIACEAE Names in different languages: Hindi name- Gheekuvar English Name- Indian Aloe Telugu Name- Kalabanda Kannada name- Lolisara, Lolesara Malayalam Name- Kumari, Kattar Vazha Tamil Name- Kathaazhai Bengali Name – Ghrita Kumari Sanskrit Synonyms- Aloe vera is called as Kumari in Sanskrit. Kumari refers to a young girl. This name has two derivations. It is used in diseases of young girls, like pimples...

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Milk and Turmeric – After workout Protein Shake

Everyone doesn’t want or need a gym ripped Arnold body ,if you want then get hooked on Protein shakes but i will have my own healthy, healer pure and natural Protein shake.It may not make me Superman but will certainly keep me in shape and immune. Turmeric or Haldi in Hindi has great healing power and increases immunity to Cancer.It always has been a part of Indian Ayurveda. Milk has Protein and Turmeric has all the medicinal properties that you think of and because of its versatility i will strongly suggest you to include in your food or Drinks....

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