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Bangalore ” Yesterday’s Paradise Today’s Nightmare “

Bangalore protest against Garbage

Bangalore protest against Garbage

A lot already being said and shared on Social Media about “How once the Garden city Bangalore has turned into a garbage city now”, so Bangaloreans  decided to take the fight in open. 

Bangalore protest against Garbage1

Bangalore protest against Garbage1

Image From Bangalore – Bangalore Against Garbage

Our Eminent Editor Mr RK was there to cover the protest, and he reported that it was the crowd of Students, IT Professionals , Bank employees and Teachers.

CM Mr Siddaramaiah was the most hated person in the protest as he was continuously jeered and booed.

It must serve a lesson for Karnataka CM Mr Siddaramaiah and should wake him up. I don’t know which Bangalore he lives in.

We have exclusive pictures of the Silent and encouraging Protest

The Intellectual crowd of Bangalore was out there Protesting in unison against intentionally ignored Bangalore.

Bangalore protest against Garbage2

Bangalore protest against Garbage2

Where ever you go in Bangalore , Heap of Garbage will be there to welcome you.

Road Conditions are worst , even Roads of Bihar would be in Better conditions.

A dreaded Pandemic is waiting to spread , People are struggling  to adjust to New Dirty Bangalore.

You never know when and which  path holes will take your life.

Bangalore protest against Garbage3

Bangalore protest against Garbage3

Congress is so into thrashing ‘Acche Din’ and ‘swachata abhiyan’ that It has changed ‘Garden City’ Bangalore into ‘Junk City’ …Read More

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