First Rahul Gandhi and Now Barkha Dutt’s Account is probably hacked as weird and abusive tweets are posted from the Account. If this is the way to disagree someone or not endorsing their opinion then it is immoral and a criminal offence.

These hack attempts are seen as possible cases of Fanboy( Allegedly Bhakts, as been called at Twitter)

Rahul Gandhi, INC, Rachit Seth,
Now, Barkha Dutt.
All are anti-BJP handles.
Why BJPians  handles are not being hacked ?

It is also reported that barkha dutt’s email account was also hacked, and account name and password were in public for few seconds.

I noticed a tweet that emanated from her account, possibly containing private account details.

“You can all login to barkha dutt’s email at……” Then i read other tweets and i say most of them were abusive and intrusive.

Government of India should act against this so-called Legion Group.