After Demonetization we have seen series of Successful IT Raids, even prompting many of us to indulge in many conspiracy theories but one thing is certain- No One is beyond Law, so beware corrupts. It seems in Modi Raj there is no place for corrupts to Hide.

The Income Tax department has raided the residence of Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary P. Rama Mohana Rao.

 CBI recovers ₹30 lakh, 5 kgs of gold from Tamil Nadu Chief Secy’s residence. Chief Secretary’s son admits to ₹5 crore of undisclosed income

In earlier IT Raid, Rs 24 crore in 2,000 notes, 50kg of gold seized from Tamil Nadu businessman J Shekhar Reddy on Saturday.
Currencies both new and old were also seized in large amounts from Chennai, Meerut and Noida. The Income Tax department has issued over 3,000 notices and Rs 86 cr new currency has been seized till now.
Income Tax Department raids have recovered 11 crore rupees in 12 raids in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Reportedly, since the demonetisation announcement on the 8th of November.
Source- DD News.