Bhim Bassi may take some Rest now, since Umar Khalid and Anirban of JNU Row Fame have surrendered, and as we say “All Well , if it ends Well “. But Let us hear Delhi Top Cop, Words of Top cop is expected to be tough, but mind you The clarity of Views, that will amaze you. His views on Indian Constitution and JNU hooligans are crisp and clear. In a way he tried to answer all of His fierce critics in his Interview with India Today, especially to Kejriwal Gang.  Bhim Bassi always shown in bad light by Arvind Kejriwal, can teach a lesson or two on Nationalism to Kejriwal.

“Criticising Police for taking action against anti-national activities is blasphemy

My religion is Constitution of India and questioning that is blasphemy

If we end sedition law, it will be a grave injustice to the country

We want laws to deal with anyone who threatens the integrity and security of the country

 No one should have any doubt on our intentions”


While One Wannable Actor cum Politician tries to Make fun— This is HiHiAshutosh