Ishrat Jahan encounter case, the famous fake encounter case allegedly hatched by Modi and Shah, will always remain in Top Conspiracy theories, where Narendra Modi was claimed to order a Fake encounter, but Ishrat Jahan was a innocent tourist in Gujarat. Narendra Modi always under attack by the Opposition especially Congress and Human rights groups.

But It seems it is too murkier and dirtier to even think about, now revelation are coming out, and it is very saddening to see how a Police Officer was Jailed by hen UPA government under false charges. Now these set of Revelations come from  former Home Secretary GK Pillai, who is known as a Honest and Hard-Working Official, so less to speculation.

“One affidavit said these people were LeT operatives and in the other affidavit that aspect was deleted. I really won’t know why it was deleted. It was done at a political level,” Pillai told Times Now on Thursday.

“It was a very successful intelligence operation. We managed to entice LeT to send its shooters to India…. It was the court which directed CBI to investigate the case. There were allegations and the matter went to the court, so the court directed CBI to investigate. I have no doubt that the intelligence operation involved LeT,”

“Ishrat knew something was wrong, otherwise an unmarried Muslim girl would not go with a married person and spend nights, which is not a normal pattern. Perhaps she knew something was happening. She could have been a cover. People can be suspicious of a single person but if someone travels as husband and wife then people don’t look upon them with suspicion.”


A News Report has come with A article “Manmohan ministers tried to implicate Modi in Ishrat case” which tried to decifer a alleged Major conspiracy involving Union ministers in the Manmohan Singh government was hatched in 2009 to link the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Amit Shah in the 2004 encounter case of Ishrat Jahan, alleged to be a member of the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba.

Congress allegedly tried to implicate Narendra Modi in Ishrat Jahan case



David Headley told interrogators from the National Investigation Agency(NSA) that Ishrat Jahan, a resident of Mumbra in Thane, was recruited by top Lashkar commander Muzammil who was in charge of LeT’s operations in India till 2007.

#IshratCoverup Headley says – Ishrat Jahan was an LET Operative, Barkha Dutt cites Lawyer



It’s clear there was political meddling in Ishrat case with some kind of revenge in mind: BJP

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