Maverick BJP leader Subramanian Swamy claimed and made a Brave allegation that the INA leader and great Freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose, lovingly known as Netaji had not died in a plane crash in 1945 but managed to escape only to later caught as a war criminal. Subramanian Swamy claimed that he has known from his sources the Real truth “Netaji had escaped to the Soviet Union, where he was imprisoned by Stalin. Nehru wrote to the British, who got Bose executed, he alleged”haunting and  It is a very haunting and one of the best conspiracy theory one can come up with, But if true it will tarnish Nehru Image and his legacy.

“After the Second World War was over, Bose was looking for a haven as Allies had pronounced him a ‘war criminal’. Because of his cordial relations with the Soviet Union, he seemed to have full faith that the Russians would provide him asylum. From there, he planned to renew his efforts to free his nation. With this intention, Bose reached Manchuria which was at that time under the control of Soviet Union. From there, he moved to Soviet Union and met Stalin, who took him prisoner.”

“Stalin wrote a letter to Nehru in December 1945 that Bose was in his custody and asked Nehru what he should he do with Bose. Nehru, after receiving the letter, immediately summoned his stenographer Shyam Lal Jain on December 26, 1945 and dictated a letter meant for the then British PM. Jain had stated these facts before the Khosla Commission, set up in 1970 to investigate the mystery behind Bose’s death.”

He also claims that 1. More than 100 files in the category of classified with the government of India. 2.Out of these, 39 are with the PMO. Out of these 39 files, 20 are specifically on the disappearance of Subhash Bose. He has demanded declassification of these files.

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