PM Narendra Modi today addressed a massive public meeting in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.  Narendra Modi started his speech by crediting the 125 crore Indians for the country’s growing stature on the world stage. The Prime Minister said UP needed a Vikas Yagya headed by BJP which will get rid of All the ills, the strangles of nepotism, casteism and criminalisation. “A new Vikas Yagya in Uttar Pradesh will remove the evils of nepotism, casteism and criminalisation that has troubled the state for several years”. PM Narendra Modi further said “The hardships that the elders had to face, we don’t want the youth to face those hardships. Without development, how can the youth of India get employment opportunities? We decided on abolition of interviews for Class III and Class IV. This is an effort to end corruption”. Then he launched a full fledged attack on SP and BSP “There seems to be a contract in UP. SP & BSP make serious allegations against each other but they do nothing about it when in power”

Highlights of PM Modi’s Speech at Parivartan Rally in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh



“When Kalyan Singh ji and Rajnath Singh ji served in UP, the state developed greatly. Development is our priority. Development has always been a priority for BJP in Uttar Pradesh”

“As an MP from UP, I felt really sad that there are villages in UP that lack access to electricity.”

“The pace of building roads, railway infrastructure is the highest. Highest coal production happened after our Government assumed office”

“This stage tells you the influence of UP on this Government. So many top leaders in the Government are from this state”

“Whatever is happening in the nation, the impact India is making worldwide is due to all of you, 125 crore people of India”

“The Ganga…it is not merely water, it is the pride of India”