Forget Stephen Hawking,Indian Astrophysicist Abhas Mitra has most of the Answers.NASA has confirmed Mitra’s idea that the so-called black holes are balls of fire.

“Abhas Mitra is an Native indian astrophysicist who is head of the Theoretical Astrophysics Area at the Bhabha Nuclear Research Center.”

Foremost Question that everyone wants to skip and no concrete answer-Are Black Holes Real?

[BLACK HOLES-a black hole is anything but empty space. Rather, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very small area – think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City. The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.]

Hawking’s new suggestion is that the apparent horizon is the real boundary. “The absence of event horizons means that there are no black holes — in the sense of regimes from which light can’t escape to infinity,”

“Many Nobel laureates too have been struggling to resolve this paradox, but they want to keep black holes alive. Nobody wants to kill the goose, which has been laying golden eggs. In contrast, only my research resolves it meaningfully , by showing there is no black hole, no EH. Hence, there is no paradox in the first place. You see, black hole is one of the biggest physics paradigms for almost 100 years with thousands of celebrity professors, researchers, Nobel Laureates having personal stake. Who would like to set their own Lanka on fire?”

Scientist Abhas Mitra.

And Now  NASA announced that two of its space telescopes have caught a massive burst of X-ray from a super-massive black hole. These flares appeared to be triggered by the eruption of a massive corona (charged particles) from the black hole, which goes against the conventional notion that they are compact particles with such a huge gravitational pull, that even light can’t escape. If nothing can get out of a black hole, how did the corona come out of it?

Mitra explains:

“As massive star contracts to the size of a black hole, the radiation trapped within the extremely hot star must exert an outward force to counter the gravitational pull resulting into a state of eternal contraction with an infinitesimally slow rate. Thus, instead of true black holes predicted by Einstein’s theory, we proposed that massive stars end up as balls of fire – termed Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects or MECOs.

“NASA’s observation of giant X-ray flares from black hole can be most naturally explained by this MECO paradigm. MECOs possess accretion disks around them, something similar to the rings of Saturn, and also may be immersed in a sea of interstellar gases. Gas streams pulled inward by gravity get extremely hot by friction and may radiate X-rays.”

Astrophysicist Abhas Mitra-My research (Journal Mathematical Physics, 2009) has shown that true black holes have zero (gravitational mass) which means their positive mass-energy is neutralized by negative gravitational interaction energy . Thus no massive body can be a true black hole. In addition, my parallel research has independently corroborated this fact that true black holes have M=0! And such M=0 black holes can form only asymptotically, implying they never quite form. And only approximate and quasi-black holes can be formed.