Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Review- WordPress Certainly a Great Website CMS but heavily criticized basing on Number of updates and infinite performance issues comes to you as you grow with WordPress, and then the Concept of Managed WordPress hosting seems a Life Saver and thing of Furure in WordPress World. When you think of Hosting for your wordpress websites, the Name ‘Bluehost’ comes naturally to you. I still maintain it is best place for a Beginner to start but not with Managed WordPress Hosting / Optimized WordPress Hosting.

Why is Bluehost still not Ready for Managed WordPress Hosting

I recently purchased Managed WordPress Hosting (OPTIMIZED HOSTING for WordPress- Name from Bluehost), basic but most Popular Plan in this section, ‘Bloggers’. I paid $227.40  ($18.95 for 12 months) Wp_blogger VPS 12 month$21.99/mo ($36.48 off 1st mo).

The purpose of Moving to Managed Hosting is to ease the setup, performance issues in a go, a sublime support ready to give Managed support, option for Backups,installation, Deletion of your wordpress websites enabled in Hosting Panen itself.

This is where Bluehost seems lost, for everything they have tried to outsource and so finally they made everything complex. So for managing a Website at Bluehost Managed WordPress website you need to go to Bluehost Dashboard, Manage WP(Which will take care of Back up, site optimization), Sitelock dashboard (Will you count Jetpack Manage Login) whilst each having their own setups {Manage WP needs a ‘Worker’ Plugin to be installed, and have very poor integration which i faced while enabling Manage WP for my websites, Confusing and Rather frustrating experience}

Then Comes my Super Bad experience with Optimized WordPress Support-

Let me discuss the issue i faced in Detail–

when you go thru Managed WordPress Hosting (OPTIMIZED HOSTING for WordPress) Product Description or Plan Details, you will be amazed to know that they have included CDN/Security but your happiness will be short lived as it is only for your primary domain and no description added for CDN being Enabled or Not, it wil look shoddy.

So i asked “i am very cofused about CDN/Secutiry- Sitelock CDN / Sitelock Pro . At the time of purchase it was mentioned as included in plan but now when i go respective tab i see it is enabled for just one domain others are unprotected as mentioned there and not even CDN is enabled for any one. kindly explain in detail how does it work ,if not for free why did you mention in product description…”

Support Staff – it is free for the main domain only
Support Staff –  it doesnt affect your other domains.
Me- but it was not mentioned in product description
Support Staff-  you dont like having a free CDN for the main domain?
Me- i like having it for all the 5 domains instead
Support Staff-  then order it for the additional domains
Support Staff only the first one is free

Support Staff-
doesnt say anything about the CDN being for all 5 domains.

Me- but it doesn’t say anything about for just one ..i guess everything for imagination then

Yes everything for Imagination then….

I will not judge Managed WordPress Hosting basing on one bad support experience, but all of the support staff seemed inclined to unManaged Hosting or normal ones where they want customers to do digging, so i say they are still not in Managed Mode and which is where they are getting everything wrong.