It has been now a Fashion for Media as they always come up with bogus video mostly to Target BJP and they would run it for around a week, and then Real Video will come out exposing them. I must admire central government and BJP’s strategy in all this, “To be calm while Crooked Ones go on exposing themselves and then release Correct Video for Final Nail in Coffin”. So Now I am Sensing the same strategy in Shaktimaan Case as well.

It was reported that Ganesh Joshi had allegedly attacked a horse – named Shaktiman with a stick- during a protest near the Vidhan Sabha in Dehradun on Monday. The horse suffered multiple fractures in the incident.

Selective parts of the video are being released to malign my image: Ganesh Joshi, BJP MLA

This is how the horse was deliberately imbalanced, brought down, & as he fell, his leg broke. BJP MLA not in picture

And a Similar video is run at Zee News which openly refutes all the claims of Media Crooks.

Note- We can not guarantee the Originality of Video.

Go through the Video, you will heard SP saying that Horse fell down and got multiple fractures, but media sensationalizing the issue reported with their Favouring Twists and Turns.

What happened to Shaktimaan is very unfortunate and we must condemn BJP MLA for even raising stick against the Horse but this doesn’t give a chance to media to run their Paid Trial.

It is indeed clear from Video if one looks closely that He was beating the ground to shoe away the Horse (As no deflection in Horse Posture that Moment).

He was directly in front of Horse and was facing the Horse in Front, so How a Media Trial established Back Leg of Shaktimaan injured by BJP MLA.