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Top 10 Arvind Kejriwal- Memes and Funny Tweets

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, who is equally famous among his fans and rather large Community of his Die-Hard haters,  is darling of social Media. Where some users always come up with something funny on him. Mind you, not a day goes by, he doesn’t give us a chance to rejoice. Such is his Fame!! No wonder He is in wrong profession, Drama should be his forte! As they say!!       Top 10 All time Funny Tweets on Kejriwal 1. Keyboard of #मोदी_भक्त_केजरीवाल — Rise Hard Hindus (@MrStark__) June 15, 2016 2. Degree na hone ke karan...

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See How Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is ending VIP Culture?

Once Arvind Kejriwal, a Forgotten Corruption Fighter, claimed that when he will come in Power he would denounce VIP culture and will not let anyone to use it. He were right! When he himself is using all VIP power, why would others use it. This is way Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to end corruption and VIP Culture.   Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Exposed By Real AAM ADMI ! See What Arvind Kejriwal Was Caught Doing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Exposed By Real AAM ADMI ! This is how Kejriwal is ending the VIP culture, with a 8-car entourage !...

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Why Kejriwal has become #मोदी_भक्त_केजरीवाल at Twitter?

Yes why! India wants to Know why everyone is calling him Modi Bhakt. For the simplest and logical reasoning, his determination and devotion in blaming Modi, be it his personal  and professional problems, he never strays  from his daily work to abuse and blame Narendra Modi( As twitter guesses! My personal views may defer!!). Twitterati say that such kind of devotion is not seen in common man but then Mr Kejriwal is not just common he is yugpurush. So Basing his devotion in animosity people now call him the greatest Modi Bhakt ever lived. All Hail #मोदी_भक्त_केजरीवाल. Reactions at Twitter   #मोदी_भक्त_केजरीवाल after...

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Arvind Kejriwal’s Daily Routine- Troll Modi, Film Reviews & Criticize Modi

In a Hilarious Response to Ashish Khetan, Nupur Sharma says Arvind Kejriwal has no time for work ” In morning he trolls PM on twitter, in noon he gives film review on twitter, in evening he will again criticize Modi govt on Twitter, when does he work then? Nupur Sharma, BJP “ In morning he trolls PM on twitter, in noon he gives film review on twitter: Nupur Sharma #DegreeDebateSettled (1/2) — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) May 10,...

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