The CBI, which is facing Criticism over Run-Away businessman Vijay Mallya for allegedly helping him to fly to a Safe place abroad away from clutches of Indian Legal System is indeed a Culprit as alleged by Times Now, who is in hold of Report in which one can clearly see, How Report is changed the nature of lookout notice against him probably to help him fly, that too within one month of issuance from seeking his detention while leaving the country to that merely providing information about his travel plans. Now when CBI is always been known as Caged Cat, so will Arun Jaitely take the responsibility?

Post and Video Credit- TIMES NOW

TIMES NOW has confirmation that a lookout circular was issued against wilful defualter Vijay Mallya in October 2015. And, within a monthn a big u-turn was made by the CBI. But why, if they did a u-turn? Will the CBI take the blame for allowing Mallya escape from India?

The King of Loot Vijay Mallya is sitting somewhere in London and watching an entire system in chaos and confusion back home after his stealth VVIP exit. We are left with successive governments engaging in one-upmanship, banks taking the moral high ground and a probe agency highly indecisive in its approach. The cruelest irony is farmer Balan who is nursing his bruises near Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. He was punched, slapped and thrashed by authorities for defaulting on a Rs 3.8 lakh loan. His story is a reminder to India that a farmer’s 1.3 lakh rupee due is greater than the Rs 7000 crore default for a system that discriminates against India’s poor and favours those connected and powerful like Vijay Mallya.

This is the One Matter where BJP & Congress came together