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Child Care-During Dentition,overall Growth of Children

Child Care-During Dentition,overall Growth of Children
Teething Dentition

Teething Dentition

Children are greatest blessings from God,they are gods themselves.Every Parent is naturally always worried for Their Health and well-being. Specially when Children are going through Dentition Process as it demands special care. I will suggest a General ( Homeopathic | Biochemic ) medicine,that work as supplementary tonic and additive help in overall Growth of a child.

[ If there is Delay in Dentition(Teething)

If there is trouble when Baby teeth are erupting(Teething)

If Your Children are losing Baby teeth and Primary teeth are erupting

Calcarea Phos (Calc Phos 3X) 3x – 4 times a Day ]

Not Just for Teething but Any Teeth related  Trouble You can give Calc Phos 3X/6X.


Note-Calc phos comes into usefulness at any time in life when nutrition and growth are especially important. It is therefore a major remedy for infants, children at times like dentition and at puberty when there is accelerated growth.It will enhance Bones strength and good for Mind as well.

These Homeopathy | Biochemic medicine are suggested by my Father.

Please Consult A Homeopathy Doctor before taking any medicine and above posts is my knowledge and my experience with the subject.

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