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Children wrote a Moving Letter to PM Modi, Father gets Medical Assistance

Amid Anti-National Chorus, Parliament Hungama, we do need stories like these to be told to ease the Mental Tension and Pain of Common Indian. Well Done PM Narendra Modi for immediately acting on innocent child’s request and for providing Medical assistance to Ailing Father.

This is the Kind of News every Indian wanna hear and is proud of. Keep doing Good Work Modi.

One Mr Saroj Mishra from Kanpur was ill with Asthma and was not able to work, so it forced to stop the studies of his sons- Sushant and Tanmay. Then they did something every sons and Daughters should do, try to help their Father. So They wrote a heartening letter to PM Modi. Immediately PMO directed DM, Kanpur to take care of Family and start treatment of Father, Saroj Mishra.




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