Clashes Over Anti-India Celebrations at NIT Shrinagar after India Vs West Indies

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar was  Temporarily shut down on Friday till order prevails in NIT.  It’s all started with clashes were witnessed between  local and non-local students over India’s defeat in ICC World T20 semifinal Match between India and west indies. It took a murkier and dangerous turn when student from both the sides resorted to sloganeering and Flag waving.

NIT’s and IIT’s are best technical Institutions of India and students over there should stay away from politics and must not influence from local politics.

Let us not sensationalize the issue and let Non-Local Students study in peace as One can understand how it will influence their stay and study being outsider over there.

NIT Srinagar Pro-Indian protests against Anti-India. Do listen to the guys doing commentary.

It is been alleged at Twitter that tear gas and lathi charge on Non kashmiri students at NIT SRINAGAR after tricolor hoisted at campus, but still Reports are vague to say anything clearly.

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