CNN-IBN Journo shared Fake Image of Modi Touching Saudi’s King Feet

Not a Single chance, to let miss the opportunity, to slam PM Modi and spread some lies against him, our Journos are working overtime and it has started showing in their works. Now One such Journo, Raghav Chopra, working at CNN-IBN  has shared a Fake Image of  Modi  that showed PM bowed before Saudi king.

Time has come to differentiate between Freedom of expression and Freedom of Abuse.

BJP has filed a complaint against the  journalist for posting a morphed picture on social media.

The journalist “I sincerely regret posting a morphed picture of the PM on my Facebook page. I should have also verified its authenticity before tweeting it.”

This kind of Journalism has to stop now!

A Editor at Established Media house running such campaign is like shaming whole Media Community




This AAP is fast becoming gang of abusive illiterates, who is the sole inspiration of some of Media House

This is not the first time the Journo has tweeted a controversial tweet- alleged by some users at Twitter (We don’t know the truth of this Tweet, but if it is true very disgraceful for a Journalist to comment on a woman in such Manner, this is not the Freedom of Expression)


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