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Comedy Nights With Kapil : Episodes Have been Removed from internet

comedy nights with kapil episodes removed from internet

Today if you search for  Comedy Nights With Kapil  episode on YouTube, no single episode of this comedy show is available on internet.

This is definitely a bad news for Comedy Nights With Kapil’s fan .

Colors seems to have removed all episode  of the show from its own website and even  from the official YouTube channel .

As we know because of some fall out between Colors and Kapil, the most entertaining show Comedy Nights With Kapil has to be closed and in no time they have replaced it by Comedy Nights Live having Comedians  Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh, who co-host Comedy Nights Bachao. But from its first episode itself  Comedy Nights Live failed to  create the  same magic  as Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Comedy Nights Live:’No comedy nights without Kapil’

Colors CEO Raj Nayak on Monday confirmed that the channel had to let go off Kapil and his show because of his rigidity. In an interview to The Times Of India, Raj revealed that as a channel, Colors wanted movie stars to feature on Comedy Nights Bachao too as both shows are the channel’s property and they deserved equal promotion, but this didn’t go down well with Kapil.

His managers started panicking when in terms of ratings, Comedy Nights Bachao started doing well and better than Comedy Nights With Kapil in some episodes. And instead of working with our creative team and finding ways to reinvent and make the show ratings better, they kept living in denial and started casting aspersions on the channel,” Raj told

And now, the channel has removed all the episodes of the show featuring Kapil Sharma and his team of actors from the internet. None of the episodes can be found on  YouTube account.

After all this  still Kapil Sharma has maintained stony silence over the controversy. Even his co-actors haven’t given any statement regarding this.

While the war continues, the real loss is that of fans. Removing the episodes from the internet totally unfair for the fans. This is  certainly going to harm  Colors popularity.


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