Congress party who without their sensible Leaders such as Manmohan Singh, Pranav Mukargee is fast becoming gang of Irrational Leaders who have lost their Reasoning and Logical Skills and sycophancy is such that for them a Dog becomes Lion if their Masters say so. I always thought Shashi Tharoor a well educated, High Class Elite Literate whose Aristocracy lies in His Sublime English speaking but Alas Foreign Accent doesn’t guarantee Sensible Talks and so it is now proved, in Dynasty Party Common sense is not common at all. What amazes me their Scarcity of Content, They are trying to draw all Political Mileage out of Kanhaiya Kumar.

Shashi Tharoor’s Full Speech at Freedom Square JNU, Compares Kanhaiya Kumar To Bhagat Singh

So If a Leader from Congress compared Bhagat Singh with Kanhaiya Kumar, it didn’t surprise anybody.

Bhagat Singh was fighting for Freedom from British for India, Kanhaiya is fighting for Freedom from India For Leftists.

Bhagat Singh was a disciplined Revolutionary with Greater Moral Values, and this guy is allegedly caught peeing in Campus when confronted by a Lady, He misbehaved.

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