Dance Plus 3 3 July 2017 Episode 3 started with padosi Raghav Juyal’s comic performance where he took a stand against our super judge.

MK Shubham has got the swag, but has he got the ‘+’? Let’s find out! #DancePlus3 #EkLevelUp

What is your opinion on Indian Classical Dance? #EkLevelUp #DancePlus3

Dance Plus season 3 has started from July 1, 2017 on Star Plus channel. Dance Plus 3 / Dance + Season 3 is a dance reality show on Star Plus. The third installment of the reality show is ‘Ek level up as This time, Remo D’Souza has taken the show to ‘one level up’ as contestants will have to face his special squad full of well known Foreign Entrants. Raghav Juyal will be the host while Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Sir and Puneet Pathak will be the captains.

Dance Plus 3 8 July 2017 Episode 3- Watch Online at Hotstar

Remo’s squad will consist of dancers like Dytto (who has performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show), and Fik-Shun (who has been a part of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance).

Remo Is Back! The stage is set for the first episode of the brand new season which Remo D’Souza has taken one “level up” with an international squad joining the fray! There is Raghav – in a new look – too to keep things light and easy and of course, the three mentors! Watch the first episode of Dance + 3 only on Hotstar.

Dance Plus 3 1st July 2017 Episode 1-Watch Online