Anupam Kher’s speech at The Telegraph National Debate 2016 is A must watch for everyone, who want a Third Opinion, a honest say in Recent ongoing Debates(Such as Intolerance,Anti-National) in India. He exposed and exposed all these Third Grade Journalists and Politicians. He expertly ripped apart intolerance of so called “intellectuals” who claims India became intolerant while sipping Champagne and covered by a dozen Bodyguards. This is one epic thrashing of Liars and Pseudo Liberals who find hard to digest the Fact that A Chaiwala became their Prime Minister but not a High Class ‘Any Famous Sur Name Holder’.

Video Credit- ABP News

Reactions at Twitter-

Anupam Kher spoke for every right aamaadmi. If commie media’s obsession with Kanhaiya is over, give him listen to him for a dose of sanity! @Sonu_Bhaskar

Anupam Kher ji ripped apart all award wapsi gang single handedly. No other words it was most tragic for Barkha. @quest_illusion

He said all the right words and thoughts that A Common Indian in India has right Now. How Can one be proud of Kanhaiya,Umar Khalid when still our CRPF brave-hearts are losing their Lives to Naxals.