Delhi Doctor was allegedly beaten to death by a group of around 15 persons including at least four juveniles, following a dispute over a Ball hitting the Scooter when Doctor and his son were playing Cricket after India Vs Bangladesh Cricket Match. Over a such Minor Issue the person who was driving scooter called for Help and then they beaten the Doctor to Death. The victim was identified as Dr Pankaj Narang, who lived with his wife and son in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area. But what has enraged Twitterati- Rajdeep Sardesai’s Comment.

 Update May be it is Social Media Manipulation —

Twitter Reactions–

How is this different from Dadri?

They beat doctor with Hockey Stick, Bat and Rock, and even onlookers were reported saying that doctor was dragged from House.

Now questions are being Raised at Social Media over Nature of Scuffle, were it communally charged as Assailants were allegedly from a Specific Community.

So When Rajdeep Sardesai who famously Branded Dadri as Intolerant Indian’s Incident commented “Only social media sickos will give a horrific road rage killing a communal hue: go chk with cops. And stop this sickness.” then users at  Social Media blasted him for His famed hypocrisy.