Enough is Enough, Arvind Kejriwal should understand by now his Odd-Even Dobara or Tibara has no Takers except his Blind followers. For Irritating Kejriwal and his worst plans We have one place, Dustbin!!

Hey Kejriwal Let Delhi live in Peace and if you are so serious about curbing pollution start with solid steps, such as Full Ban on Old Vehicles, No More Autos.

Delhi disapproves odd-even but CM Kejriwal is not ready to let it go – Ajay Sehrawat

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IIT Delhi Report Says: Odd-even FAILED
IIT Roorkee Says : It’s FAILED
Shriram Institute says: It’s FAILED

Delhi pollution control Board (DPCC) report suggests it reduces pollution, but that‘s an unscientific 20 min study without any proper instrument.
So is our dear National CM #mrkejriwal above science or do we look like fools? On a failed policy you spent 20 Cr in ads.
You are treating Delhites as laboratory rats. You keep experimenting on us and torturing us with your plans. After banners, ads, posters and TV campaigns… very soon there would be goodies and toys of Arvind Kejriwal ji in Archies and toyshops, instead of Baskin Robbins there would be Kejri kulfi; After that, guess there would be temples of Mad King #mrKejriwal. Don’t forget if we can make you a CM within days we can take you down too. Don’t provoke us to bring you down. There’s so much to do in Delhi, just do your work as good CM. Regards
– Ajay Sehrawat
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