For Past Many years, Dengue Fever has been constantly in news in India.And This year it is worse than ever.So Having a Little First hand knowledge about Dengue Fever will Certainly be good.

Dengue Fever-When a mosquito carrying dengue fever virus bites a healthy human, the virus travels in the blood stream and then starts multiplying itself in the whole body. Dengue fever is not contagious.

Main symptoms of dengue fever :-

1.Dengue fever usually starts suddenly with a rapidly climbing high fever, that’s why the temperature in dengue fever is called a ‘saddleback’ type temperature.
2.severe headaches.
3.Retro-orbital pain behind the eye.
4.nausea & vomiting.
5.loss of appetite.
6.rashes develop on the feet or legs 3 to 4 days after the beginning of the fever.
7.Swelling and pain in muscles and joints.
8.The joint pain in the body has given dengue fever the name that is “breakbone fever”.The common symptoms of dengue fever may go in around 10 days, but complete recovery from dengue fever can take more than a month.

A Ayurveda Remedy-“Having juice made of giloy, aloe vera, papaya leaves and pomegranate not only increases platelet count but also increases overall immunity of the body… having goat or cow milk slightly help as well, but in case of their non- availability, one need not worry,” Forwarded by Baba Ramdev.

For More Information on Ayurvedic Remedies You can refer to this Post


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