Diwali is a festival of light and small carelessness can make it a Horror story. Here precaution and prevention can save lives of Many future heroes. Especially parents of Kids need to guard their Little angels. We all know that  For children fireworks new clothes and sweets make this festival the most eagerly awaited of the year. So do note these Safety tips to handle fireworks especially for kids.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!!




Fireworks Safety Tips For Kids


We often do not realise the potential danger and therefore ignore even the most rudimentary precautions. Caution and proper care can ensure a safe and funfilled Diwali – it all boils down to a few simple dos and donts.

Never allow your kids to play with fireworks unattended




1. Supervise children while they light fireworks

2. Make them light fireworks outside the house

3. Have them hold sparklers away from the body

4. Keep ‘flower pots and ‘chakras on even flat ground while lighting them

5. Have them light up rockets only on open ground

6. Ensure proper distance from the fireworks away at a distance while they are lighting them

7. Make sure they are wearing closed footwear and close fitting clothes of thick material instead of loose or flowing garments while lighting fireworks

8. Keep a water bucket and burn ointment or aloe vera gel handy

9. Check the area before igniting fireworks to ensure that no inflammable materials are near

10. Ensure they light only one firework at a time

11. Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water




1. Let them bend over fireworks while lighting them or approach them if in doubt about whether they are live or not

2. Let them light fireworks while holding them in hand

3. Let them keep extra fireworks in pockets

4. Let them wear Nylon clothes cotton is safest while lighting crackers

5. Let them try to light used fireworks

6. Let them light firecrackers with a matchstick but rather a candle of agarbatti .this ensures sufficient distance between their hands and the cracker

7. Let them use fireworks indoors

8. Let them put fireworks into any container before lighting them up

9. Let them mix anything with the contents of fireworks or make fireworks at home

10. Let them ignite aerial fireworks where overhead obstruction trees wires etc. or even heavy wind exist

11. Let them throw or point fireworks at other people