kejriwal and jaitely

kejriwal and jaitely

The finance minister and BJP leader Arun Jaitely made the submission responding to written statements filed by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

“It is obvious in his own eyes, the Defendant 1 (Kejriwal) does not possess either a reputation or character since he was resoundingly defeated in 2014 LS polls by a margin of over 3.37 lakh votes”.Read More

So in a way Kejriwal tasted his own medicine, of Defaming and degrading others on behalf of frivolous charges.

“This is not a suit for injury to his private character, but to his public character, if at all. This defendant denies that he has any reputation of this kind to protect. In a democracy, this reputation can only be what can be proved to be the known reaction, response and manifestation of the people’s attitude to the plaintiff. The last time he contested the election to the Lok Sabha was from Amritsar as a BJP candidate in 2014. Despite the success of the BJP, this plaintiff lost by a margin of more than a lakh votes. Indian democracy has never accepted his claim of public character,”

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