We couldn’t agree more, still most under-privileged population in India reside in Villages. So when PM Narendra Modi says “Best tribute we can give to Dr. Ambedkar is to transform our villages, which is the sole means to #TransformingIndia“, he is right to the point.

I salute Mhow, the land where Dr. Ambedkar was born. Extremely honoured to visit his birth place. ‘Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday’ began with a collective determination to take this initiative to every village & make it a grand mass movement. Govt’s every policy, from rural electrification, financial inclusion, social security to housing, is centred around development of villages. Be it digital connectivity or doubling farmers income, scale of our initiatives is huge & we are confident to achieve the desired results. PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi indirectly slammed Congress while addressing people in Mau, birthplace of Dr Ambedkar. Those who kept chanting ‘poor’ for 6 decades, have they done anything good for them he asked.

 Dr. Ambedkar Jayanthi- Watch Full Speech PM Narendra Modi in Mhow