Here we bring the top best quotes from Everyone’s Favourite AmmaJayalalitha“. Jayalalithaa (born 24 February 1948) is the Chief Minister of the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

One-third of my life was dominated by my mother, Sandhya, who taught me everything about life, the other part a major one was dominated by M.G. Ramachandran as I had 28 hits with him and also followed his ideologies and dreams for Tamil Nadu. Two-third of my life is thus over. One third remains and this part of my life remains for myself but there are some responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled.Aim is to take Tamil Nadu to new heights as a Chief Minister.

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I think everyone who met him fell in love with him. He was a charismatic figure…. He was a very warm and caring kind of person, and after mother died, he replaced her in my life. So he was everything to me. He was mother, father, friend, philosopher, guide, everything to me. He sort of took over my life. Its wrong to say I had any affair with him just because I had 28 hits with him. He was 31 years elder to me and was married person. I respected him. He was in no way a womaniser nor we were involved romantically off screen. He gave me very good films and good roles .Inspired me to work for public and be honest to my profession and not be corrupt.It was opposition and some section of media which published stories claiming we were attracted towards each other. I wish I had filed defemation case against such crooked wicked people back then. M G R was generous, dedicated towards his work and was peace lover. He appreciated art and wanted his public to enjoy their life. He wanted his countrymen to achieve their dreams. He had extremely positive outlook towards life and was highly optimistic.Wish he lived till his age of 100.


Jayalalitha-“My Life Is Dedicated To People Of Tamil Nadu”


“I have no family, but you” Jayalalitha to people of Tamilnadu


  • MGR has been a great influence in my life, I don’t deny that. But now I am my own person. I have evolved. Hereafter, I am responsible only for myself. Never again will anybody influence me to such an extent that all my thoughts and actions and statements are influenced and made in a particular way just because someone else wants it that way.
    • In an interview to Saavy magazine. The Life And Times Of Jayalalitha Ajith Pillai, A.S. Panneerselvan, 04 May 1998.
  • It is very strange and saddening to see that when such acts are perpetrated against the minorities, all political leaders rush to issue statements of condemnation. But when persons belonging to the majority are subjected to similar perpetration of heinous crimes, not a single political leader has so far issued a statement condemning this barbaric crime. Such acts of senseless violence should be condemned no matter who is responsible for them and no matter who the victims are. It is not as though a crime is a crime only if it is committed against the minorities and not so if it is committed against the majority community. This should be viewed as a crime committed against humanity…remind all the political leaders in India that it is not only the minorities who enjoy rights under the Constitution. The majority have rights too.
    • On Godhra train burning, It’s a crime against humanity: Jayalalithaa, 01 March 2002.

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