indian festival diwali

Festive Season-Don’t Gain weight

Festive season brings happiness, no doubt,but if you don’t have will-power to stay away from Temptations of eating sweets and festival specials, you may gain extra pounds of Fat.

It happened with me!

I stay with my Parents.

It’s hard to say no to my mom when she had prepared Indian festive specials for me.

No matter how  hard i try, i always falter and in the end it culminated in me gaining two Kilogram of extra weight.

I may have to work harder to shed this unwanted fat.

So What will I do?

I am going to include 3 sets of Normal squats,3 sets of Overhead squat and 3 sets of Crunches,Let us see how will it unfold.

Dear Ones- Please Stay away from sweets,they will make you sweat.

They will make more vulnerable to obesity and other health disorders