If i say it was expected many will agree, Subramanian Swamy the nemesis of Gandhi Family did the same. Reaction from Congress Leaders in Rajya Sabha Suggests so, This Swamy storm is Hard to dodge and congressi have already started feeling Heat.

“Sonia Gandhi has accepted bribes in every deal”Subramanian Swamy

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy sworn in to the Rajya Sabha and is on a roll from the very first day of his. He attacked Sonia Gandhi for her scams and the Congress went berserk over the mere mention of Sonia’s name, showing the amount of fear in the Congress with regard to Dr. Subramaniam Swamy.

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As soon as Dr Subramanian Swamy named Congress president Sonia Gandhi in Rajya Sabha today, the Congress MPs started creating ruckus. They stood up making noise in attempt to prevent Dr Swamy to say anything further. Congress MPs altogether rushed to the well of Rajya Sabha and started making abusive remarks and aggressive gestures at Dr Swamy.



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Dr. Swamy who has been nominated as Rajya Sabha member on his second day in Rajya Sabha today started speaking for the first time, “before coming to the my notice, it was touching to see the Leader of Opposition relying on Mr. Michell for what he said orally. But the High Court of Italy has recorded a letter written by Mr. Michell stating that Ms Sonia Gandhi is the main……..”

As soon as he named Sonia Gandhi, the Congress MP started creating ruckus, making noises and didn’t allow to speak Dr Swamy further. They rushed to the well and started making aggressive gesture looking at Dr. Swamy who was still standing on foot so that he could complete his point.

BJP MP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi was heard saying, “one who paid bribe is in jail while those who received bribe are in well(space in front of Chairman’s position in Rajya Sabha)”.