Fitness : Health is Wealth

It’s True and Being Healthy is the biggest gift that you may have given to yourself.Everyone that includes me and you are meant to be in Our prime health,it’s the Creator wish and his will.We are his supreme creation and believe me he has certainly equipped us with his best instruments to survive and exist is this World.

But question is- are we aware of this fact?      We always are..But we have ignored as it demands strong will and Hard work.we do favor shortcuts..oh yes.. we always do..and slowly we plunge into

Unhealthy life of Artificial Happiness where Fast food ,Hamburgers fill our tummy and cold drink with Alcohol brings happiness.Mind you ,if i will say Diseases Like cancer are our  own Products,these are the product of our long abuse of Our Body by fueling it by Junk food.

Not long Ago,almost 4 years back, i was fatty,bulky,sulky toad ,a total waste and a complete ignorant fool who weighed 89.7 kgs(Height-5’6).It never crossed my mind that another way of living can exist where One is Fit.I never really cared may be because that was utterly tough to go by.But then i came across a very sad and unpleasant situation when one of my close relative was diagnosed by Cancer.I had closely followed and guided him During whole hospitalization and medication process,and Certainly that was the Moment of Truth or Awakening or Change that has entirely changed my life for Good.i did come to terms that either i change or die not trying even knowing that it worth.

It’s a lesson learned a Hard way for me,but it must not be same for you..Guys wake up..Try living a worthy life that will lead you to a fit lifestyle ; it is worth going for. I insist you to wake up and please don’t ignore your Body ,it demands Hard work from you to let it survive in this fierce world.

Be strong and smart ….survive



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