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Road to Glory(Fitness): Introduction

Enough words ! Time to Show your intent. If you are really worried about your physique,ever degrading fitness level,non existent stamina,it’s a wake up call friends,do something,come out of your shell.Yeah ,Live Life to fullest but does it mean to erode yourself.I don’t want it for myself and not for you.We will rejuvenate our life together and i am ready to walk the path that leads to perfect health and glory,Do you walk with me? I have a Way.i have a workout Plan.Only thing i need is your commitment and your commitment.I will be your guide to remind you...

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Biggest Celebrity Body Transformations-Inspirational Fitness Videos

Watch these awesome Biggest Celebrity Body Transformations-Inspirational Fitness Videos. They are meant to inspire you to take care of Your Body. Learn from them & if they can do it so can you 10 Biggest Celebrity ★ Fitness Body Transformation   Randeep Hooda’s first look from Movie Sarbjit, Transition that will amaze you! Randeep Hooda’s first look from Movie Sarbjit, Transition that will amaze you!   Aamir Khan’s Physique Transformation for Dangal is amazing and will force you to ask How can he do it everytime?. Answer is sheer determination and utmost Love for His Craft. Aamir Khan’s Physique...

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Festive Season- This Diwali Don’t Gain weight

Festive season brings happiness, no doubt,but if you don’t have will-power to stay away from Temptations of eating sweets and festival specials, you may gain extra pounds of Fat. It happened with me! I stay with my Parents. It’s hard to say no to my mom when she had prepared Indian festive specials for me. No matter how  hard i try, i always falter and in the end it culminated in me gaining two Kilogram of extra weight. I may have to work harder to shed this unwanted fat. So What will I do? I am going to include 3...

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