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Bodybuilding, Physique, Gym, Fitness, Exercise Blog- Walk The Talk Part2

“Early to Bed, Early to Rise’ OK Stop ..That’s not me, i got no time for Gym, and no time for Household chores, Forget park, My room is not big enough to do exercises, No running for me. I am a Fitness conscious but i am afraid of Commitments” These are some of Infinite excuses of yours,if you lag in commitment then forget Godly Physique that’s not for you. May be,your employment doesn’t give you liberty to go to gym but then you must make necessary changes that suit you.Do heavy workout on your can regularly walk .You have...

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Fitness – What to Eat After Workout?

What to Eat or Drink,Just after your workout(Once you Finished) is a very confusing question but a Legitimate one.As the answer to it will decide the fate of Goal.Many have preferred Whey Protein ,i am not against it but only if when it is only Whey Protein no other additives. But I have a very traditional and effective solution. 1/2 Lt Skimmed Milk(Check Label of Milk packet for Fat content,Lesser is certainly Great !) 1 Banana each Before and after Workout. Just Try it,and see for yourself that it suits or  Not. Until Then Bye Bye… Please comment Below...

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Fit Food- Grande Oats Omelette

I am going to start a thread that will include several Fit Recipes, and these food will complement your workout.I hope these foods will be a healthy addition to your kitchen. Ingredients 1 Cup(100 gms) Oats 3 Egg whites,2 Full Eggs Salt to Taste 1 Capsicum,1 Small Onion,1/2 Small Tomato ,Finely Sliced Make a Mixture of everything mentioned above and prepare your Omelette(The Normal Way) Advantage- Great Taste Oats as great source of Carbohydrate and Eggs as the supreme source of protein. Will Certainly serve as the  solid Breakfast after a Great...

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