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Festive Season- This Diwali Don’t Gain weight

Festive season brings happiness, no doubt,but if you don’t have will-power to stay away from Temptations of eating sweets and festival specials, you may gain extra pounds of Fat. It happened with me! I stay with my Parents. It’s hard to say no to my mom when she had prepared Indian festive specials for me. No matter how  hard i try, i always falter and in the end it culminated in me gaining two Kilogram of extra weight. I may have to work harder to shed this unwanted fat. So What will I do? I am going to include 3...

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Know Importance of Kangaroo Mother Care – What is KMC?

Kangaroo mother care(KMC) was first invented in 1978 by Colombian pediatrician Edgar Rey. It all happened to overcome the scarcity of incubators. It was because of curiosity and observation that Edgar Rey soon noted that mothers should use their own bodies to warm premature infants. In this Method A  mother of newborn holds her premature baby like a Kangaroo does or a skin-to-skin touch. This Technique is specially useful in case of premature infants. What is kangaroo care and how does it work? Kangaroo care is the practice of holding your diapered baby on your bare chest (if you’re the father) or between your breasts (if you’re the...

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Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation – The Yoga Workout) a Healthy way to lose your Belly Fat

Surya Namaskara is ought to be highlight as best Yoga Asana as it is often touted as most effective set of Yoga Exercise. (Sun Salutation – The Yoga Workout) is one the most useful and easy to Do yoga exercise. What makes it special is the Fact that it is not a single yoga exercise but a set of Twelve Different yoga exercises where each of Twelve has different functionality and benefits. If you are pressed for time or you want to do a quick warm up before workout ,you can start with Surya Namaskar.Surya Namaskara, like most asanas, is recommended to...

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